Oscar Lili Bride: Laura

“After a lot of hunting, I came across my dress by accident. From seeing another dress in a bridal magazine and locating it in Edinburgh’s Oscar Lili boutique, I picked a few random dresses to try on along with it. My dress was amongst these. It had almost everything I was looking for…it wasn’t strapless, it had a gold coloured underlay, it had floral lace, there wasn’t a diamante in sight and most importantly, I could actually walk in it.”

Well, Laura’s words sum the dress up pretty perfectly… first things first, aside from loving the way Laura looks in our Oscar Lili dress, we adore the way she has taken ‘Vintage Fiona’, and made it her own-tying it in with the desired ‘whimsical theme’. It’s always interesting seeing how different a wedding dress can look just by small changes in accessories or colour choice.

Vintage Fiona could not be suited to a better venue, the gold tone of the dress matches the rustic feel of the place – the floral pattern of the lace also seems to match perfectly. With this said, Vintage Fiona is a very versatile style which can be adapted and worn no matter what the scene or vibe is; easy to wear, light to carry, sparkle can also be added, and is there ever a time that lace is not appropriate? We would think not.

“My only initial apprehension was that the dress originally had a ‘V’ shaped open back. However, after discovering it was an in-house designer’s bespoke made dress, conversations were had and I was delighted to be told that the back could be filled in with floral lace and button detailing. That sealed the deal and the search was over. And as if it were fate, the name of the dress was ‘Vintage Fiona’ – the name of one of my bridesmaids!”

Here, Laura sums up the amazing benefits of having bespoke wedding dress – you could have the gown closed at the back like Laura, scooped back, V front, long sleeves, cap sleeves… anything you wish really!

The pictures are so gorgeous, special mention must be given to the flowers. The warm orange, pink, red tones look beautiful against the dress, the brightness creates a boho, fun vibe. This gives a contemporary touch to a more traditional style of bridal dress, super funky! The flower crown is also AMAZING, it was paired with one of our single layered bespoke veils, which also matched so nicely. Just like our bespoke dresses, veils come in all shapes and styles, with and without sparkle/ detail, single or double teared. In the midst of autumn, these gold tones of fabrics bring a warm feel to the winter cold that is dawning upon us…if you’re looking for having a different shade of dress – gold, silver, blush- or prefer sticking to the classic ivory, Oscar Lili is your go to.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your exquisite behind the scenes bridal pictures, you looked like you had a fantastic day. Oscar Lili wishes you and Chris the best for newlywed life!