Introducing our 2019 bridal collection

I hope you are all as excited about our 2019 Oscar Lili collection as we are… glamorous silhouettes, beautiful fabrics, hand beaded detailing… we are bringing sparkle and jazz just in time for Christmas.

First up is the sensational Cassy, this deco style high neck gown has something magical about it – halter neck is back in fashion, we love it because it brings a quirky, contemporary touch to the bridal world, for those of you who have been specifically looking for halter necks we have made your dreams come true.

Special attention must be given to the beading of this dress, the way in runs along the fabric is unique, rather than just following straight lines it curves, shaping your body. It allows the wedding dress to be more interesting playing with patterns and shape, it will leave your guests in awe. More so, these dark winter nights are calling for SHIMMER and the more there is of it, the better… head to toe in sparkle sounds just about right.

The flower design on the top left of the bodice and on your right hip adds two important things; firstly, it offers an alternative element to more traditional accessories such as a belt, also meaning you don’t have to worry about adding bits onto your dress. Secondly, it breaks the dress up, often we find that brides will love a gown but feel that they don’t want just one same pattern all over, these statement flowers solve this problem.

The frame of this bridal dress is especially flattering, hugging your body and accentuating curves, perfect balance between femininity and comfort. Having said this, La Novia understands that weddings mean parading around guests all day, eating, photos, partying… therefore, we know the importance of making a dress that you will feel at ease in so you can endure all your wedding activities without being restricted!

As always made to measure means luxury, not only this, but it gives you the freedom to change or incorporate elements to make sure you have your ideal wedding dress. Whether Cassy has caught your eye, or you are just wanting to get a sense of what the bridal world has to offer, book an appointment in our Edinburgh bridal boutique and we can help you on your journey.