Everything you need to know about your first appointment

If you’re in the process of booking your first ever bridal appointment, and have no idea what to expect then we are here to help! We’ve used our bridal know-how to answer some of the most asked bridal appointment questions we receive from new brides-to-be. We hope this helps, and if you have any additional inquiries contact us at info@oscarlili.co.uk or via our Facebook page.

What happens at my first bridal appointment?

During the first appointment we want brides to enjoy themselves above all else, and also to be experimental when trying on styles. We will have an initial consultation to discuss what look you think you want to go for. Selecting styles can be overwhelming when there is so much choice, so we give advice based on your personal style and ask you to select around 3-4 dresses which initially stand out to you. Our stylist will help you try these on, and will then add in more dresses to try as we go along. Hopefully we will find “the one” by the end of the appointment.

When should I book an appointment?

Ideally we like appointments to be made 8-10 months before the wedding date; this is a must for the indecisive bride to allow for more adjustment time. It keeps the whole process enjoyable and stress-free. 6 months is the minimum time for a made-to-measure order and sample sale dresses can be purchased closer to your wedding date but please allow time to get your alterations done.

How should I prepare for my bridal appointment?

First of all, set a budget for your dress to avoid disappointment if the one you love ends up too expensive.

Doing your research ahead of the appointment is helpful to give you a rough idea of styles you like and will give you a starting point for silhouettes to try. Pinterest or bridal magazines are a good place to start for inspiration.

It is a great idea to go for a bra fitting before your appointment to make sure you are wearing the right size when your measurements are taken for a dress.

How long does a bridal appointment take?

Our appointments usually take one hour but can be flexible to your requirements

What do I wear to bridal appointment?

A nude strapless bra and nude pants, or a bodysuit are ideal; wearing shape-wear underwear is even better to smooth out your silhouette and give some basic structure underneath more fitted dresses.

What to bring to bridal appointment?

If you have shoes, a veil, hair accessories or jewellery for your wedding then it is a great idea to bring these to your appointment too so we can consider the overall look.

Who should I bring along to the appointment?

It is best to choose people who are supportive, enthusiastic, and who know what your style is. Too many opinions can be overwhelming, and frustrating if you feel you have found the perfect dress and one of your bridal party disagree. We suggest bringing a maximum of 3-4 people.

Should I take pictures at the appointment?

We don’t advise taking pictures and feel that your favourite dress will be memorable; although we understand if you need to show a loved one who couldn’t be at your appointment with you.

 How do I know if I’ve found “the dress”?

Usually a bride will feel amazing and instantly know if the dress is the one. It should stick in your mind. It can help if you have the approval from your bridal party to reassure you before making the final decision too.

To make sure it is the winning gown we will offer you a “favourite dress” appointment where you can come back and try on one or two dresses you loved with a fresh eye. We will also match veils and allow you to visualize your look when finished off with accessories.

What happens once I find my dress?

We will take your measurements, process your order, and get you a glass of fizz to celebrate! Your initial fitting should take place 4 weeks before the wedding so that any alterations can be made in time. A second fitting is carried out 2 weeks before to make any final adjustments, then your dress will be ready for you to take away for the big day.