A little inspiration for choosing a veil

We understand that when it comes to veils you can get overwhelmed with choice, and perhaps so much so that you will be discouraged from even considering one as an option. However, if you manage to find the perfect veil to pair with your dress it can be the ultimate accessory, and a dream combination to give your bridal look something extra special.

Our first piece of advice is one thing at a time, ladies! Make sure you have chosen your wedding dress and are 100% certain of that decision before moving onto veils or accessories. That way we can ensure that your veil will match the fabric texture, colour and work with your dress silhouette.

Another important factor to consider is how you will have your hair styled on the day; this is usually influenced by your dress and its neckline, but if you are keen on having a veil you may have to select a hairstyle accordingly so that the comb or clip can be integrated easily and stay put during the day. We make all of our veils to order here at the House of Oscar Lili, and have a wide variety of finishing techniques to suit each and every preference;

One of the most popular is the curly edged veil which is made from soft tulle and nylon thread edging which has a subtle wave that cascades beautifully around the arms and shoulders, giving some movement and volume. This style works well as a fingertip length and is very versatile when matching with dress silhouettes.

If more detail is for you then light beading, lace or even sparkling crystals can be added to your veil to give more of a wow factor. Lace appliqué edging can be lovely to compliment your dress if it already has some subtle lace in the design, or for adding whimsical romanticism to Boho styles. Otherwise a cathedral length veil with lace edging would make you feel like royalty and be the perfect way to make a bigger statement if your dress has a long train.

For more simple, traditional dresses we often pair these with satin edged veils which our brides love. The satin binding comes in different widths and is a gorgeous, clean way to finish off your entire look. This can be really nice as a long double tiered style to add a bit more drama yet keeping it sophisticated and polished.

If completely simple is your thing then we can leave the edges of our beautifully soft tulle raw for a very sheer and weightless look. This is just enough for the brides who are perhaps unsure about veils but want to finish their ensemble without distracting from the dress. Keeping it minimal means you can play with veil lengths and layers to find the perfect balance.

In the end, if you find that veils still aren’t for you then why not try a birdcage which falls more into the accessory category. The birdcage will allow you to add a bit of glamour to your look and the headpiece can be as detailed or simple as you like, with just a little bit of netting over your face to add some vintage allure. It’s something a little different and oh so chic.

At Oscar Lili, we’re here to help you every step of the way to piece together the perfect outfit. With a vast selection of veils in our Morningside boutique and many customisable options available, it’s almost impossible not to find one that you’ll love.